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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How the Gods Came to Be

After long and long, there were new thoughts within the One.
Sparks both separate, and yet still part of the One, and these sparks grew, and multiplied with great rapidity.

At first, the thoughts were small...
expressions of physical need...
desires, and whispers of temporary satiation
Each spark were and ceased in an instant, returning to the One with information, and the One learned of Itself.
And the One was satisfied for a time.
But only for a time.

After long and long the One reached and touched some of the new sparks, lending more of It's substance to these thinking aspects of Itself.  And the sparks grew.  Their thoughts became more complex, more interesting to the One.  And thier lives were longer, and when they ceased, and returned to the One, they brought with them more information, more learning, to their Source.
And again, the One was satisfied to watch and allow these sparks of Itself to grow and develop without interference.  

After long and long, a spark had a thought.  And the thought was "I am"
And soon the thought expanded to "what am I" and was followed by the desire to know.
The thoughts spread, and soon many sparks had the same thought, and the desire to know.
And they began to search.
And as they searched they grew.
And as they grew, they learned some measure of autonomy from the One, though they knew the One not, until they rejoined fully with the One in Death, bringing with them knowledge of the One, and of themselves.

Another Change occured then.
The sparks were no longer fully reabsorbed into the One.  They remained distinct parts of the Whole.  And the One permitted this, because with each spark that remained distinct more knowledge was gained.  And these distinct sparks were permitted to return to thier places and live again, and again, and to gain yet more knowledge of the One and of themselves.
And the One was satisfied once more.
But only for a time.

After long and long ... to be continued