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Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Beginning...

Creation Myths abound, filled with allegory, innuendo, moral lessons and poetic visuals. 
Here's mine.

In the Beginning...

In the Beginning, there was nothing.  No light, no sound, no thing existed, until suddenly, there was One.

For long and long, the One simply Was... without sight or hearing or thought... the One grew.

As the One grew, It began to differentiate...  Within the One grew chemicals and gasses and metals and all of the other elements of life... 

After long and long, the One had a thought... the thought was "I Am"

Soon after, the thought expanded into a question "What Am I?" and a desire followed to Know.

To that end, the One took the elements within Itself and began to combine them.  It formed stars to illuminate the darkness, scattering them to the very edges of It's Being until there was Brightness in the dark.

But still, the desire to Know was not satisfied.

More elements were brought together, and set to circle the stars in a dance of great beauty and elegance, and for a time, the One was satisfied. 
But only for a time.

After long and long the One wanted to Know more.  To this end, It looked closely at It's creations and in that focus certain of the elements came together in new forms, separate, and yet still a vital part of the One.

And the One was satisfied once more.

This is the End of the Beginning... I will soon follow this up with a story titled How the Gods Came to Be


  1. Hi Darlene, I enjoyed reading your posts. I've gotten away from blogging over the past year but miss it so much, I started a new blog fresh. :) I'm your first follower :)

  2. don't know what to say, exept, Thanks :)