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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How the Gods Came to Be

After long and long, there were new thoughts within the One.
Sparks both separate, and yet still part of the One, and these sparks grew, and multiplied with great rapidity.

At first, the thoughts were small...
expressions of physical need...
desires, and whispers of temporary satiation
Each spark were and ceased in an instant, returning to the One with information, and the One learned of Itself.
And the One was satisfied for a time.
But only for a time.

After long and long the One reached and touched some of the new sparks, lending more of It's substance to these thinking aspects of Itself.  And the sparks grew.  Their thoughts became more complex, more interesting to the One.  And thier lives were longer, and when they ceased, and returned to the One, they brought with them more information, more learning, to their Source.
And again, the One was satisfied to watch and allow these sparks of Itself to grow and develop without interference.  

After long and long, a spark had a thought.  And the thought was "I am"
And soon the thought expanded to "what am I" and was followed by the desire to know.
The thoughts spread, and soon many sparks had the same thought, and the desire to know.
And they began to search.
And as they searched they grew.
And as they grew, they learned some measure of autonomy from the One, though they knew the One not, until they rejoined fully with the One in Death, bringing with them knowledge of the One, and of themselves.

Another Change occured then.
The sparks were no longer fully reabsorbed into the One.  They remained distinct parts of the Whole.  And the One permitted this, because with each spark that remained distinct more knowledge was gained.  And these distinct sparks were permitted to return to thier places and live again, and again, and to gain yet more knowledge of the One and of themselves.
And the One was satisfied once more.
But only for a time.

After long and long ... to be continued

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Beginning...

Creation Myths abound, filled with allegory, innuendo, moral lessons and poetic visuals. 
Here's mine.

In the Beginning...

In the Beginning, there was nothing.  No light, no sound, no thing existed, until suddenly, there was One.

For long and long, the One simply Was... without sight or hearing or thought... the One grew.

As the One grew, It began to differentiate...  Within the One grew chemicals and gasses and metals and all of the other elements of life... 

After long and long, the One had a thought... the thought was "I Am"

Soon after, the thought expanded into a question "What Am I?" and a desire followed to Know.

To that end, the One took the elements within Itself and began to combine them.  It formed stars to illuminate the darkness, scattering them to the very edges of It's Being until there was Brightness in the dark.

But still, the desire to Know was not satisfied.

More elements were brought together, and set to circle the stars in a dance of great beauty and elegance, and for a time, the One was satisfied. 
But only for a time.

After long and long the One wanted to Know more.  To this end, It looked closely at It's creations and in that focus certain of the elements came together in new forms, separate, and yet still a vital part of the One.

And the One was satisfied once more.

This is the End of the Beginning... I will soon follow this up with a story titled How the Gods Came to Be

Thursday, February 24, 2011

About Me

As I mention in the brief bio, I am, at the time of this writing, 41 years old, with two children - number one, a grown son (21) who lives here in town with his lovely Lady, and a 3 year old little girl who is nothing less than a wonderous miracle to her father and myself.

At the age of 8 I was given a bible (KJV) by a friend of my family who knew that I was a voracious reader and prone to asking hard questions.  It took me a year, but I read that book from cover to cover, and rather than answering my questions about god it created more... many, many more.  And thus I began my search for 'truth'.  I asked questions of those people who seemed willing to answer me, and read many more books on religions, religious practice, and beliefs of people the world over. 
At the age of 14, I was sent to live with my Grandmother (for reasons that will be discussed in my other blog, Not Such Unreasonable Expectations) and to please her I began attending Catholicism classes at her Church with one of the Deacons.  Due to my age, my class was a private one, and I continued to ask those hard questions.  Eventually, the Deacon refused to continue teaching me, and told me "You ask too many questions, to honor Jesus, you must have faith." and informed me that he was no longer willing to continue my classes, to which he added, with what I took to be an unnecessary amount of venom, "You are not welcome in my church anymore."  To which my Grandmother objected strenuously.  The Parrish Priest revoked the Deacon's dis-invite, sort of... he informed both my Grandmother and myself, that while I was welcome to attend services, and various Church functions, I would never be allowed to recieve Communion as long as I "refused to give" myself "wholly to Christ".  I felt a mild sense of disappointment at his pronouncement, (those wafers were a treat! LOL) and my Grandmother didn't speak to me for a week, but all in all, I mostly felt free to continue my own search for the "truth" I felt had to be out there.

Truth has a resonance... a sound... a feeling... that is pure and beautiful, and sets up a lovely vibration in your soul.  I had heard some notes of this purity and beauty in amongst the discordant noise of my Catholicism classes with the Deacon.  In particular, the true message of the Man called Jesus Christ by his so-called followers... the message of Universal Brotherhood and Love... the Golden Rule...

treat others as you yourself would be treated

it's pretty simple, if you think about it... if you don't want it done to you, don't do it to anyone else.  Easy, right?

Not really, as I discovered.  But that is a topic for another post.

As my teens progressed, I dabbled in the occult, and found that I had a talent for it... I was an excellent medium, and became quite competent at getting accurate answers out of a Ouiji board.   I tried several Tarot decks but was unable to find one that I felt drawn to until was well into my 30's.  However, before and during my teens, the thing that most absorbed my interest were my Dreams.
There is a difference between dream and Dream that is much more than a capital letter...  dreams are something everyone has, they are fantasy that our minds concoct while we sleep, that may or may not have any relevence to life... but Dreams, they are REAL, they  feel different, and are uncontrollable, unlike dreams which can be controlled, with practice, by means of lucid dreaming (again, a topic for another post).  I learned lucid dreaming as a way of defeating my nightmares, but was truly desperate for a method to learn to control the Dreams.
Those Dreams came true, and there was nothing I could do to change them, no matter how disturbing they were, or how bad the outcome would be.  No attempts to subvert the Dreams ever worked... quite the opposite in fact, the more I tried to change the outcome, the more I seemed to feed into the Dream.  Eventually, the fear of knowing I couldn't change what I had Seen caused me to block that ability, and it only comes upon me rarely now.  This is something I have sought to change for many years now, but haven't been having much luck.

Anyway, to continue...
In the early 90' I was in my early 20's and a stay-at-home-Mom to my young son.  Unhappily married to a man who tried to be a good husband, but failed, even as I failed to be a good wife.  Neither of us had had the best of examples to follow, and so, I guess we were what we were made to be.  Unfortunately.  We had been friends before we became lovers, and that friendship was destroyed by the marriage.  One of my few true regrets.  However, the lack of good relationship, and the excess of time on my hands prompted me to continue my search for that elusive truth.  Eventually, we got hooked up to the internet, and in searching for people who shared my beliefs, and who I could learn from, led me to find Paganism.  Only the name was new to me, really, but I had found out what to call myself, found the words to describe my beliefs... it was incredibly empowering, and I still think often of those people with great fondness and gratitude.

Today, I am a Priestess of the Goddess, and with Her Blessing I am called Rhiannon, Moon's Daughter within the Craft.  I have also discovered that Magic is Real.  It works if approached with the proper attention and belief.  I know now, with a faith born of seeing, that I can change the world.  This is my Path.  Thank you for walking it with me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Beginnings

Recently, I have begun reading and studying again after a break of several years and I find that I have missed it more than I can express.   I have always been a voracious reader, and have often said that my life's goal is to learn everything, so this 'break' has been an unusal thing in my life.

I am very glad that it is now over.

I am also glad that you have decided to share this new beginning with me.

Bright Blessings